What Is It To Be A Warrior?

(All Rights Reserved Ana & Kerri, 2018)

A warrior isn’t necessarily someone who is fighting a physical battle with their brute strength, swords and armor. A warrior can also fight and conquer their emotional battles, using an intrinsic power, stronger than brute physical strength.  What is it that defines our heart and our being.  We can honestly say each and every one of us is fighting a battle or battles.  Our battles may be hidden deep within our archives of the past or out in the open- bright and overbearing on our everyday lives.  

Sometimes the hardship we may witness or the pain we observe another person endure resonates in our soul.  We can feel like it’s our door to open or our battle to fight. We may feel compelled to be a warrior for those who can’t.  Or a spark may ignite within us fueling the fires of a deep, hidden battle that we want to overcome.  

Let’s find our inner warrior, wherever it may be residing.  Maybe it's with a friend’s pain of losing a child, maybe with a partner or spouse’s shame over a hidden past, maybe it's in a wrong you witnessed and ready to speak up to, or maybe it’s in fighting an  unknown battle, a battle you feel compelled to fight though it's unnamed.  Let’s find our power in our warrior spirit. Let’s gather our armor to spread love. Let's fight for the emotional health of ourselves and our children.  Our children are watching us. They’re watching us face our fears and nurture our warrior hearts.  They will learn from what we show them.  

If we don’t speak up or fight, who will?

Being a Warrior

Being a warrior can spread love.

Being a warrior can be powerful.

Being a warrior can inspire others who aren’t ready to fight their battles.

Being a warrior can instill courage to believe in yourself.

Being a warrior can awaken a spirit.

Being a warrior can spread truth.

Being a warrior can offer a voice or sight to those that are blind or mute.

Being a warrior can create a culture.

Being a warrior can inspire a community to lean in.

Being a warrior can offer peace

Being a warrior can create family. 

Being a warrior can spread love.