Continuing the Conversations for Parents with Dr. Ramona Friedman and her husband Dr. Josh Greco

It can be difficult to pinpoint how we're feeling right now, and even harder to disclose our true vulnerability. We invite you to join the conversation as we consider "How are you really?" We'll be joined by our friend and colleague, Dr. Ramona Friedman (SLO CBT Center), and her husband, Dr. Josh Greco. Our husbands, Patrick and Brennan, will join us too. 

We want to normalize the reality and challenges that ALL of us are facing and offer some insights and ideas about caring for ourselves, parenting, and staying mindful during these uncertain times.

We want to offer new ways to engage, support, and grow from real conversation. We're all facing different and very real challenges, and we want you to know that you're not alone. Ask questions privately or just sit back and listen as we have a casual conversation.