Social Emotional Learning & Classroom Connections


Making SEL the DNA of a School

School and district leaders share their stories of how their infusing SEL into everything they do (Greater Good Science Center, Berkeley, Vicki Zakrzewski) April 27, 2017

Greater Good Science Center Berkeley


Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning

Building and mobilizing one of the most important movements in decades. Social and Emotional Learning. Reports, Tools and Resources


Making Caring Common-Harvard's Graduate School of Education

Making Caring Common (MCC), a project of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, helps educators, parents, and communities raise children who are caring, responsible to their communities, and committed to justice.

Making Caring Common

SEL as the Foundation for Academics

These middle schools were built on the idea that academic risk taking, fostered by social and emotional learning, can be a key to high achievement by Tom Berger (Edutopia, February 5, 2018)


No Place for Social Emotional Learning in Schools? Are You Sure?

Commentary by Peter DeWitt (Education Week, March 4, 2018)

Education Week

Parent Toolkit- Social & Emotional Development

Research shows that those with higher social-emotional skills have better attention skills and fewer learning problems, and are generally more successful in academic and workplace settings. Like any math or English skills, these skills can be taught and grow over time

Parent Toolkit

Social Emotional Learning is Key