Connect Be Well- NURTURING Student WELL-BEING



CONNECT BE WELL envisions a community where all students and their families have the social, emotional, and academic skills to learn and thrive.


CONNECT BE WELL creates and supports programs and practices that promote social, emotional, and academic equity for all students.

C -Create healthy conversations

O -Offer resources

N -Navigate being human

N -Nurture Resilience

E -Ensure Educational Equity

C -Cultivate well-being

T -Transform the Educational Landscape


  • Raise awareness of the social, emotional, and academic needs of students (REACH club, CBW website)
  • Make research real and accessible (Love Letters to Parents)
  • Create structured research -supported programs (REACH club)
  • Collaborate to take actions that inform and support well-being (Professional Presentations)
  • Provide resources, tools, skills, and support to promote learning (Triad of Support, CBW website)
  • Strengthen community-based efforts to ensure all thrive (Triad of Support)


Triad of Support-High Impact Solution

CONNECT BE WELL Strengthens and Supports Systematic Change and Transform the Educational Landscape