our photos are intentional

ana & kerri

our image was beautifully created for us by an amazing and talented young man named simon


have you ever wanted to enjoy the sunshine, lay on the grass and have someone play with your hair? For paige and kate, doing each other's hair is a way to connect

create with love

bree chambers, tomas's friend, is a talented artist and musician with a warm and generous soul. Thank you for creating a logo that captures a movement of students choosing to reach within and reach out

treasured family heirlooms

artwork from our personal picasso's


our dear friend and precious member of our tribe, artist sabrina jenkins. an inspiration to us and we are in awe of her gift of seeing beauty and being able to create the vision on canvas

crazy about sunsets

the beach and sunsets are things that offer a feeling of warmth to both of us, so we love to snap a shot whenever we can

smiles come in all forms

it doesn't matter how old we are, a smile can open a window (collection from another precious tribe member of ours, valeria)

signs of love all around

in our healing, we've learned that there are many moments, sights, smells, and experiences to take in, enjoy, and appreciate.

planted with love in mind

heart hill in paso robles

kindness to spread

simple acts show there is good all around us- we just have to look.

happy place

a picture taken by kerri's son, brayden, of a very special family destination

it's not just the coffee

the connection, the time, the opportunity to share and be seen