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Helping Teens Find Their Purpose (The Hechinger Report, January 3, 2018)

How To Know You've Married the Wrong Person -Christine Carter has clearly married the wrong person again, or did she? (GGSC, April 3, 2018)

The Top 10 Insights from "The Science of a Meaningful Life" in 2017 (Greater Good Science, December 27, 2017)

How To Really Be the Change (Positively Positive, 2018)

Pyramid of Success, Coach John Wooden (UCLA, John Wooden Official Site, 2017)

Paul Wesselmann - The Ripples Guy 



Dr. Shefali Tsabary: The Awakened Self (SuperSoul Sunday, 2016)

Tristan Harris: How better tech could protect us from distraction (TED Talk, 2014)

Kelly McGonigal, Making Stress Your Friend (TED Talk, 2013)

Sheryl Sandberg’s 2016 Commencement Speech to Cal graduates “Know that you have the ability to get through anything…  We are more vulnerable than we ever thought, but we are stronger than we ever imagined.” (25:41, 2016)

Donovan Livingston's 2016 Speech to Harvard Graduate School of Education Students 5:46 minutes of spoken word poetry bliss

John Wooden: The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding (2001, 17:33)

You've Got a Friend In Me by 4-year-old Claire Ryann and her dad. 2:26 minutes of sweetness.

Tonight You Belong to Me by Benjamin Ames and his 4-year-old daughter. 3:11 minutes of pure joy.

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Grief & Healing



Modern Loss (Rebecca Soffer and Gabrielle Birkner, 2017)

Permission to Mourn (Tom Zuba, 2014)

Healing the Hurt Spirit (Catherine Greenleaf, 2006)

Pilgrimage Through Loss (Linda Lawrence Hunt, 2014)


Podcasts & Websites: